The Committee
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Originally a small, fringe anarchist group of less than a dozen members operating under the name The Committee of Chaos, this organization has recently expanded their membership with the increasing restrictions of the Praxus Beautification Department (PBD). Since there is no list of membership or member meetings outside of the original founders, membership estimates range from dozens to thousands of members- depending on who you talk to.

Most of the "new recruits" do not know of the original goals of the organization and are merely irritated artisans or merchants looking at a way to strike back against the PBD. While the main goals of the organization's founders are complete failure of the city structure, most of the members are content with wasting the PBD's resources by painting over walls, hindering official inspector business or changing the shape of buildings using illegal stone shape spells.

Attacks by this organization at the most basic levels of membership are mostly harmless and usually come from local leadership. However, since all orders are in code and listed in public places (newsletters, tavern message boards, or painted on walls) anyone with the right resources can direct the group to do anything they'd like. These minor attacks, however, leave the PBD and the city open to bigger attacks by the core members. Members who have obviously committed to the organization may be asked to do more- from assassination to demolition and may even become local leaders themselves.

Membership in this group is invitation only, but generally those who are genuinely looking for entrance to The Committee will be granted it eventually. A person knows that they have been admitted to The Committee when they discover a code-breaker note in an unexpected location. It is usually left in a place that they will find it easily, but never handed from one person to another. Once someone joins the committee they will have to continue to do Committee "business" to get updates to the code-breaking letters, which changes whenever the leadership feels that it is necessary.

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