The Corridor
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While the parts of Altnimdenthal along the river are busy and relatively prosperous, the district begins to decline towards the southeast as it approaches the wasteland of Graufelden. The strip of land close to its wall is generally referred to as "The Corridor", and while the buildings here still stand, they are generally run-down and decrepit in appearance. The rent is cheap, as few want to live too close to the abominations behind the wall, even though the Rotkappen vigilantly patrol the area against anything that might pass from there.

Nevertheless, the Corridor has its attractions, as it has a number of pubs and private clubs whose visitors do not wish to be seen, as few members of what passes for "polite society" in Nimdenthal would venture here. Some of these clubs cater to interests best described as "exotic" (and the Sisterhood of Cherished Concubines maintains several well-hidden brothels here). Others use them as a clandestine meeting place for hiring others for their own intrigues, as the short distance to the centers of power of the city allows them to attend to such meetings and return without anyone else getting suspicious.

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