The Delicate Dryad
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This inn and tavern has been built over a large living oak tree and features nightly entertainment of a dryad named Ah’ronna, who performs two or three nights a week by singing and dancing for those who can afford to purchase a ticket. Bench and box seats are very expensive, while floor seats are more reasonably priced. The innkeeper, a wiry, dark haired man named Philip Coyot, and his wife Salah, a tolerable singer and musician who also performs occasionally at the tavern, have been the victims of occasional threats that accuse them of exploitation of the dryad. Despite these verbal attacks, the couple continues to advertise the performances, and make a large sum of money doing just that. The couple also refuses to allow anyone to see Ah'ronna outside of performances despite the generous offers they have received. This leads opponents to argue that she is nothing more than a slave, but Phillip and Salah claim that they are merely following the dryad's wishes.

The "dryad" that performs at the inn and tavern is nothing other than Salah in magical disguise. They obviously aren't sharing their secret with anyone. Not only would this be illegal, but it would outrage hundreds (or more) of rich merchants and political officials who have spent their money to see "something truly exotic" at The Delicate Dryad.

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