The Hive
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As one of the most fertile regions of the world, there is certainly no shortage of ants in the forests of Malundi. Some ants even pose a threats to humans, from "ordinary" swarms of millions of these creatures who devour anything edible in their paths to giant-sized versions which even individually represent a threat to a full-grown man. But for the most part, as long as you know how do avoid them (and most of the tribes living in Malundi do), they represent no threat.

However, in the region now known as the Hive, this is different - for somehow, a large number of ant species (including giant-sized variants) cooperate to hunt down and kill any people who enter it. Only strong magical protection or surveillance from the air have allowed others to explore this region at all and survive. And many people wish to know more about what controls the ants, for the Hive is spreading - and so far, no one knows how to stop it.

It is known that within this region, every few miles there's a cluster of especially large anthills of multiple species. It is suspected that these clusters somehow help control the ants and are important to the controlling intelligence, but if one is destroyed, another cluster is soon created nearby. No one knows how much of the hive has to be destroyed to stop it completely - if it can rebuild itself from a few ants, it might be impossible to stop permanently.

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