The Maelstrom
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Once upon a time, the elemental planes of air, fire, water, and earth orbited the Material Plane around Rothea. But then, in 510 NA, the experiments of the Atalan Empire opened a gateway to the Qlippoth, shattering those planes planes in the process and creating the Eternal Storm in the process. The formerly pure elements ended up hopelessly mixed, and the four planes became one - the Maelstrom.

In the Maelstrom, chunks of air, fire, water, and earth, as well as normally "impossible" mixtures of these elements, rotate around the "eye" of the storm - the gateway to the first sphere of the Qlippoth. Far away from the eye, the chunks are large and move slowly, but the speed of their rotation increases the closer they get to the center. There a steady stream of elemental matter crosses the planar boundary and is either deposited in the Material Plane, or devoured by the Qlippoth to build its demonic hordes.

Some speculate that the Maelstrom may one day run out of matter, but it makes no sign of doing so any time soon. What would happen at such a point is anyone's guess. In the meantime, the Maelstrom is still populated by a vast number of elemental - many of them driven insane by the cataclysm, and prone to attack anyone who approaches them.

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Since D&D 4E wrote the "pure" elemental planes out of existence, I also wrote them out of existence - by moving them into the past of the setting.


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