The Pilgrim's Path
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Late in his life, the archmage Lorrus of Karsamos converted to the faith of Thenos. Burning with the zeal of the new convert, he decided to erect a monument to his faith - the so-called "Pilgrim's Path", a mountain path where followers of Thenos could metaphorically walk in the footsteps of the Thenaran saints and become purer for the experience. To make the experience more authentic and to ensure that only the truly devout and pure could get to the end, he summoned and bound devils to the path which would try to tempt the pilgrims away from their faith. The various devils were placed in the classical order of the cardinal sins of the Thenaran faith - Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Pride.

It is not precisely clear what went wrong - if the safeguards Lorrus placed on the devils had hidden faults or if Lorrus simply underestimated the cunning of the creatures he had summoned. Whatever the cause, when Lorrus tested the newly finished Pilgrim's Path by himself, he promptly fell prey to the Devil of Pride, and his soul was devoured. Some foolish or ignorant people followed in his footsteps and more often than not were devoured by the devils as well, gradually increasing their collection of souls and thus their power (though they still remain bound). The Church of Thenos officially considers the Pilgrim's Path to be an abomination and would love to see it destroyed, but unfortunately Lorrus had protected his masterwork too well with various protective enchantments, and thus it remains intact to this day.

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