The Serpent's Coils
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Commonly known as just "The Coils", The Serpent's Coils are a gang which has established itself in Gailsbreath. Recruiting their members from the children of poor immigrants, they finance their operations via protection rackets, prostitution, and the drug trade. As any gang member can challenge the current leader to a duel for leadership, the leader of the gang changes fairly frequently. However, the true power behind the throne is the high priest of the gang, a member of a snake-worshiping cult from Malundi into which he initiates all gang members. He has power over snakes and teaches the gang members how to train them as well. Thus, the gang uses snakes to attack those who have offended them.

Unknown to the rest of the gang, he is secretly a surathi thin-blooded infiltrator who plans to build a power base of his own in Dartmouth.

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This was inspired by this Arcana Wiki entry.


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