The Terrarium
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While officially the abode of the Black Dragon has no name, unofficially everyone who believes himself out of the earshot of Venthirax calls it "the Terrarium". Actually, Venthirax does not mind, and the name has stuck now.

This building in the middle of Duriam, and has a large glass dome with a clear view of the open sky. Large doors open to similarly oversized balconies which allow the master of the house speedy egress. From people who have been invited here it is known that the uppermost floor - where the dragon receives guests - is enormous, filled with peat, and and constantly kept at high humidity through magical means. It is less well known what the lower levels are for. Certainly the dragon employs a number of human and nonhuman servants which can be seen entering and leaving the building, but few of them are willing to talk about what they do there - and the stories of those who do talk are often contradictory.

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