The Unholy Pantheon
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The Unholy Pantheon is the largest and most infamous Hellfire Club of Dartmouth and is a favorite hangout of pact mages, self-described "free thinkers", as well as a large number of anti-theists who believe that the spiritual oppression of the sapient races by the gods is the real root of all evil. As a result, the street before the club sees frequent demonstrations by gods-fearing citizens protesting the wicked ways of its members, but thanks to its warlocks the club is well defended, and any protester who gets out of line will be singled out for some very creative revenge at a later date.

The club is named after a secretive group of (as rumors claim) 13 people which periodically meets in the back room of the club, and which is only referred to as the "Pantheon" by the other members, as their "suggestions" to them are usually obeyed as if they were divine pronouncements, and most members wish to curry their favor. The known members of the Pantheon include the most powerful warlocks in the city, though it also includes influential poets with no known supernatural powers. Rumors about the secret members of the Pantheon involve vampires, ghouls, devils, and even the dragon Venthirax.

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