The Vanisher
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The Vanisher is a major figure of the criminal underworld of Nimdenthal, and named like this for two reasons: First, because nobody has ever seen him and lived to tell the tale (if he wants to talk to you, he will contact you telepathically), and secondly because everybody who crosses him seems to vanish. He seems to have eyes and ears everywhere, and is willing to trade information for favors and coin. He also employs a network of thieves who steal valuable items at his direction, and runners which move the stolen items from from one part to the city to another. Impeding them is not a good idea, as the Vanisher takes any theft from his men personally.

His secret, which he has managed to conceal from almost everyone, is that he is a "Rat Emperor", a rat king swollen to enormous size with vast psychic powers. Those few beings in the city which have discovered his nature and are too powerful for him to dispose of tend to have some kind of arrangement with him, as his ability to get his rodent minions everywhere is just too useful to ignore.

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