Theaniros Antires
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First Councilor Theaniros Antires is riding a tiger, and he knows it. First Councilors only stay in office as long as they are successful, and "success"means acquiring new territories for the League of Armach. But thanks to the massive amount of information he receives in his office, he also knows that the League is expanding too fast, too soon. Already cracks are showing for those who know how to look for them, and he fears that if the League absorbs much more territory in the near future, it will collapse under the strain and gradually slip into civil war.

Yet the whole League calls for a war against the Alliance of the Pantheon, and he feels he has no choice but to comply. If the League loses, he will be blamed for the failure and probably lose his head over it (likely literally), and if it wins, it will spend decades fighting civil unrest in the occupied territories that will sap the morale of both the League army and the civilian population, probably leading to a series of coup attempts by factions of the military or the secret police.

Personally, Antires hopes for some sort of big crisis that requires the League to turn its attention inwards, and yet allows him to look like a hero. Such a crisis might enable him to gradually reform the League into a more stable entity that will stand the test of time and expand more slowly and safely in the future, and if no such crisis materializes, he wouldn't be above manufacturing one. In the meantime, he keeps careful track of his enemies in the League and purges them once he deems it safe to do so. He was already assassinated once since he took office (this, along with the subsequent resurrection, was of course hushed up), and he has no intention of going through that again.

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The greatest irony of the League of Armach is that the guy nominally in charge of it might be one of its most sane and reasonable political leaders - in fact, pretty much anyone in line to succeed him would likely be worse. So any would-be heroes trying to remove him from the picture to stop the impending war might be in for a very rude surprise…


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