Threne Arumbal
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When the Alliance Council was reestablished and Calessio joined the war effort, many priests of Kortus protested against this violation of the traditional neutrality of their city. Threne Arumbal is both the highest-ranking and the most vocal of these. He argues that a war with the League of Armach is not worth the widespread destruction it would cost. While he does not approve of many things the League does, he persists in claiming that paying tribute to the League - as Calessio has paid tribute to other cities in the past - would be preferable to an open confrontation, especially since the League does not seem to get involved in the religious practices of its member cities. On the other hand, he sees Lord Amrast as little more than an agent of Thenares who will annex the Alliance in the name of Thenares once it has been weakened through warfare.

The high priest of Kortus has not openly moved against him - whether because he is afraid of his power or because he secretly agrees with him, no one knows for sure. The Eagle Eyes are currently investigating him for any links to spies from the League of Armach, but to their frustration have found nothing. Some, however, are planning to fabricate such links…

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In any war, there has to be a "Peace In Our Time" faction…


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