Tickling Demon
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Natives of Nehemoth, the uppermost shell of the Qlippoth, Tickling Demons are small, winged humanoid creatures rarely taller than four feet (though they rarely stand upright but generally have a hunchbacked appearance). The color of their slimy skin varies from deep black to a reddish brown to pink. Their most notable feature, as well as their most dangerous weapon, are the lengthy tentacles emerging from its snout-like mouth. When they come into contact with bare skin, they cause uncontrollable laughter. Their usual tactic is for several demons to grapple a particular victim and then have their tentacles probe for the naked skin of the victim, whereupon the victim will become quite helpless with violent laughter until it expires from the strain. During this process, the life form of the victim emerges from the mouth as a glowing mist, which the demons inhale through their noses to feed upon it.

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