Tombs of the Bandit Kings
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The Varcomo Mountains were a hideout of both bandits and Cryelis cultists since ancient times, and sometimes the two groups overlap. Thus, it became customary that every bandit would be buried with his accumulated loot in honor of Cyrelis so that he could enter the Underworld with the loot as grave goods.

The most powerful of these are the famous "bandit kings" whose loot and grave goods have surpassed all before or since. Hidden into remote valleys of the mountains, they are ancient ghosts of terrible power, and both lesser ghosts and numerous of the living pay them obeisance. Indeed, there are a number of criminal organizations called the "Discendenti" operating throughout the Parginian Rim who ultimately pay homage to them, and who can draw upon their ghostly minions for assistance. And of the wealth they earn through their crimes, a certain potion is collected and brought back to the tomb of their patron, to be buried there and sacrificed to him as further grave goods. All this wealth has allowed the bandit kings to become among the richest and most powerful ghosts in the Underworld, and they are heavily involved in that realm's politics.

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