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The name of the "official" secret police of the League of Armach derives from that they are supposed to shine their light into every shadow to ferret out dissent. This is highly ironic, as it is hard to imagine an organization that keeps more to the shadows than the Torchbearers. Most citizens fear to even speak their name, and with good reason - their informers might be everywhere. Deeply corrupt and throughly evil, the do not hesitate to use kidnapping and torture to achieve their goals, which often revolve more around personal enrichment than the defense of the League. They do not shy away from framing innocent people when it suits them. To their mind, it doesn't really matter if someone is guilty of something or not, for when they are through with him, he will sign any confession they put before him.

The Torchbearers originally were the secret police of the city-state of Armach, and they draw their membership still mostly from Armach and Aruges. While there are now some recruits from other cities after the League Council insisted, these rarely achieve high rank since the senior members prefer to promote their own kind.

No one can rise high in the League without having at least a few friends among the Torchbearers. On the other hand, their power and accumulated blackmail material makes them a threat to the League Council and the High Councilor, and thus bloody purges of the higher ranks happen on a regular basis. A keen political instinct is thus a vital survival trait among its high-ranking members, and even that might not be enough to save their necks.

Just as the Blue Legion operates within League territory without official sanction, so do the Torchbearers operate outside of it despite their mandate to watch for internal dissent only. In non-League cities, they operate more like an organized crime syndicate than like secret police or even spy rings - but as long as their superiors get a cut, this doesn't matter.

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