Tore der Morgenröte
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The Tore der Morgenröte ("Gates of Dawn") are a set of seven ancient stone arches on top of the Torwall district. They are precisely aligned on an east-west axis so that on the spring and fall solstices the light of the rising sun shines through all of them in a row. At that point a horde of primordial spirits passes through the gates in a glowing stream - from west to east at the spring equinox, and the other way around in the fall, appearing through the first gate and vanishing into the last. Tales abound about what happens to those poor fools who stand between the gates at these moments, none of them pleasant. As a result, nobody has ever attempted to construct anything between the gates, for fear of attracting or diverting the spirits.

The locals tend to stay elsewhere during those dates, but the transient students often make dares about who gets the closest to the gates while the spirits are rushing through them. And, perhaps inevitably in this modern age, this phenomenon attracts a fair number of tourists these days, with local pubs competing to offer "the best view of the spirits".

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