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Population: 1,753,237

The old capital of Gorchov, Toskava now serves as the administrative center of the Sunset Province. The city has undergone a steady restructuring of streets and building according to Tsan geomantic principles in the last fifty years; the new rulers believe that once this is completed, it will ward off bad luck and grant them mystical powers. But many of the natives who have had their homes moved elsewhere or even destroyed to make way for "dragon lines" are bitterly resentful of these changes and use every opportunity they can get to frustrate their new rulers.

Many of the rebels hide out in the vast and only partially explored tunnel networks beneath the city. Some of these tunnels have been created by former rulers who wished to have escape routes in case of an uprising, while others were used as cemeteries or created by smugglers and others who wished to hide from the authorities (some of these are, in fact, a quite recent addition). However, a large number of these tunnels are truly ancient and might even date back to pre-human times…

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