Tri'Gung Monastery
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Population: 7,342

he home and headquarters of the Perfect World Sect, the Tri'Gung Monastery can only be reached by the truly dedicated. A postulant needs to ascend from the forlorn Valley of the Three Winds along the arduous Winding Path to finally reach the summit of the mountain the Monastery is located on - at heights where many humans of weak endurance have difficulty breathing.

Once he arrives at the Monastery, there are no seeming guardians that bar his entry, no obvious tests that represent hurdles to overcome in order to truly join the monks. But there is a test nonetheless - to join the monks, he must act as they do and follow their daily routine until he truly has become as they have. He must eat as they do, sleep as they do, and work the prayer wheels as they do.

In the beginning, the novitiate might wonder how the Tri'Gung Monastery works. Who leads the Monastery, and what kind of hierarchy divides the monks? How can these thousands of people survive in such a remote and hostile place? Where does the bowl of rice come from that each monk eats once a day?

But as the novitiate comes closer to enlightenment, he begins to understand as linear time begins to break down for him - the bowl of rice he eats is the same bowl he has always eaten, is eating, and will eat from the eternal Now until the end of Eternity. Every day experienced here is the exact same day as any other - or at least, that's the "goal" that the Monastery is progressing towards, and possibly that of the entire world.

But even the Monastery is not perfect yet, and from time to time some monks leave it again in search of their own lives. The other monks do not prevent them from leaving, for they know that those who have lived here will forevermore have a touch of Cosmic Order in their hearts.

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