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An early experiment in magical architecture and city planning, Tripropugna failed miserably. Laid out in an equilateral triangle, the city has a tower at each corner that is linked to the center nexus tower by a copper rod stretching across and above the city. Hypothetically, the towers act as extra magical energy collectors, and the copper rods, buttressed by tall steel poles, transmit these energies toward the central tower. Despite the massive amount of gold invested into the project, the nexus tower still only functions at 60% efficiency. Still convinced the theory is sound, Maximillian, the Tripropugna city planner, still works away, daily tweaking minor details while outsiders rail against him as a madman.

Despite this failure, Tripropugna is still fairly successful as a small city and as a tourist destination. Many of the city's residents state that they prefer to live in a city with a dysfunctional nexus tower, as they believe that less of their energies are "stolen" this way.

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