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After Negroth the Doombringer met his fate and his dark empire collapsed, three of his surviving lieutenants met in secret to discuss just where his ambitions had gone wrong.

After intense discussions and review of his campaigns lasting several years, they concluded that the fact that his rule was supported by fear and terror alone was one of the problems. Yes, ultimately he was killed when he was ambushed by a force of powerful paladins and their companions, but rebellions were already common throughout his territory, since his harsh measures resulted in a large number of people who had nothing to loose in opposing him - and plenty of reasons to hate him. Another problem was that he encouraged his subordinates to plot against each other to rise in position (to prevent them from focusing their energies on replacing him), leading to large-scale inefficiency in the use of his resources.

These former lieutenants - each a powerful undead creature in his own right - concluded that even if he hadn't killed, his realm would have collapsed in a matter of years anyway. The three - whose ambitions were scarcely less than that of Negroth - vowed to not make the same mistakes again. They agreed to cooperate in establishing a new empire with themselves at the top - but one not won by conquest, but by subverting the existing order until society was willing to accept them as their legitimate rulers!

They have plotted ever since, gradually rebuilding their power base and spreading their influence. They control many powerful organizations from behind the scenes and have a large number of unwitting allies. However, gaining power in itself is not their only goal - they want to reshape society in a way that ultimately their rule will be welcomed by the majority instead of feared.

The following three beings make up the "Inner Circle" of the Triumvirate:

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