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A trod is a "weak spot" between the plane of Faerie and the Material Plane where crossing over is easy from both sides. Most fey seem to be able to use trods as an innate ability, while mortals usually require some sort of ritual magic to open it (unless they follow one of the fey crossing over before the trod closes - though then they are stuck on the other side…). However, these are among the easiest rituals to learn, and folklore provides numerous examples.

The appearance of trods varies, but they always stand out from their surroundings. The most recognizable trods are the traditional mushroom circles, but small, clear pools, the hollows behind waterfalls, particularly ancient-looking trees, or (in cities) discolored bricks on building walls, small side-alleys that seem to go nowhere, and colored chalk-figures on the ground like those used for children's games have all been observed.

Standard procedure in most cities (excepting city-states like Hollowhill and other places where the fey are an accepted part of the local environment) is to destroy trods as soon as they are discovered, for contact with the realm of Faerie almost always brings more trouble than it is worth. Nevertheless, new trods keep on appearing even as older ones are closed, as the domains of Faerie crave recognition, and thus contact with the mortals that can give it to them.

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