Tsan Pagoda
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Eight years ago, the government of Grüngarten scored a major coup when they somehow managed to be given a generous gift by the distant Tsan Empire - a garden built according to the aesthetics of the Tsan. The gardeners who were tasked by the Celestial Emperor (or more likely, one of his minor ministers) to build and maintain the garden now live in a building they constructed in its center, which was dubbed the Tsan Pagoda by the people in the city. Parts of the pagoda are open to the public and display the arts and culture of the empire, while others are closed off and used exclusively by the inhabitants.

While the staff presents a good front as "humble gardeners" to the public (complete with a rather strongly accented command of Common), neither the government of Grüngarten nor most of the other diplomats in the city are fooled by this guise, and the building functions as an unofficial embassy for the Empire (an official embassy would have implied too equal a relationship between the mighty empire and this minor western city). However, even among those diplomats few suspect quite how large the spy network run out of the Pagoda is - its hidden leader serves as the spymaster for all of the Flannish Cities. And with the possibility of war provoked by the Far Shores Trading Company of Dartmouth, these spies are busier than ever.

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