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Population: 133,575

The Thenaran faith states that all thinking beings can accept the grace of Thenos. When the city of Tulukka fell to Thenares during a civil war in the Hobgoblin Dominions 30 years ago, the church decided to put this tenet into practice. Instead of killing or driving the goblin and hobgoblin inhabitants away, they converted them to the faith - often at sword point.

Most of the hobgoblins have since fled to the Dominions, where they are busy agitating for re-conquering the city. Most of the more easily cowed goblins have stayed, however, and at least outwardly try to be good members of the Thenaran faith. This is as much out of self-preservation as out of genuine faith, however - if any goblin succumbs to his baser nature, and the (mostly human) priests who oversee this city learn of it, that goblin is taken away to one of the "reeducation camps" in the vicinity, where they are subjected to a hard regimen, daily sermons, and constant prayers until they are deemed ready to return to civilized society.

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