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The wight Tulzarr commands the military arm of the Triumvirate. He has organized a large number of militias in numerous cities, almost all of which are unaware for whom they work. These groups have in common that they recruit from the insecure and give them a sense of belonging and superiority over non-members. Example include neighborhood watches in lower middle class neighborhoods, monarchist movements stockpiling weapons, mercenary companies and more. Their leaders answer to Tulzarr in secret, but only few know that he is one of the undead - if he meets them, he either dons magical disguises or is dressed in a full-body set of plate mail. He has a number of elite mortal agents he trains personally. He does not kill his agents for mere failure, but those who fail him will sink lower and lower in rank and his esteem. The exceptions are those who betray the Triumvirate - those he turns into wights to ensure their future loyalty.

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