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"The villagers were obviously in a state of distress. The women were wailing, and the men had an angry yet resigned stare.
When I asked one of the men about the source of their distress, he pointed to one of the women and exclaimed: 'Her baby! The elves took her baby!' "
- Edmund Durnsten in: The Known Lands: Gorchov - The Sunset Province, Avane Street Publishing (1414)

Capital: Timlorin
Population: 345,640 (74% elves, 15% half-elves, 10% fey, 5% centaurs, 5% humans)
Government: Monarchy
Imports: Human babies

The Great Forest of Turaveen is fairly isolated from the rest of the world, which suited its elven inhabitants and sidhe rulers just fine, as they wanted to have no truck with outsiders.

However, seventy years ago the compact between the king of Tuvareen and the powers of Faerie was broken when the king refused to give his daughter in marriage to the Horned Man himself. In retaliation, the right of the Tuvareen noble houses to invoke the Blessing of the Stars - the rite which creates new sidhe from elven newborn - was revoked, and the Horned Man cursed cursed them to be infertile with each other and with other elves.

In a desperate attempt to stop the death of their bloodlines, some sidhe houses have started the controversial practice of stealing babies from human communities in nearby regions. These are raised in isolated communities in the forest, where the humans are kept in awe of the elves with powerful illusions. Once the humans grow up, the sidhe choose the most attractive and healthy humans as breeding stock — which the conditioned humans view as a high honor, though they remember nothing of the conception thanks to powerful mind magics. The resulting half-elves are taken by the sidhe and raised as full members of the house. Older humans, or those who begin to suspect too much, vanish from the human villages and are never seen again. The humans believe that they "go to live with the elves", but in reality, they all are killed.



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In many stories, the fey are described as indulging in the practice of stealing human babies. Here is a reason why they might do something like this.


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