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Population: 63,221

A city located in the easternmost outliers of the Siebenbund Alps, Tyaril serves as the breadbasket of Avareen. Thanks to the powers of the Autumn Court, it is eternally autumn in the local valley - and thus, the crops and fruit trees of these valley are eternally ripe and ready to havest. Once they are harvested, they quickly grow anew to be harvested again. Thus, this single valley supports most of Avareen with its food, although most other elves avoid talking about the city at all because of the presence of the Fair Folk court.

There is a price for the fertility of the city, and it is this: The first night of the true season of Autumn belongs to the Autumn Court, and the inhabitants of the valley do not remember anything that happens during this night, although they often are bruised in strange places on the next morning.

Sometimes, some inhabitants disappear entirely during this night, and it is forbidden to mourn them openly. Sometimes, children are born nine months later who forever have a strange sense of longing for something unknown in their souls.

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