Tybald Mansion
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The old family mansion of a noble line that seems to be extinct, Tybald Mansion is the most famous haunted house of Dartmouth, with moans that can be heard and apparitions that can be seen from outside at regular intervals during the night. The locals love the place and resist any attempts to "clean it up" since it attracts a considerable number of tourists, and neighboring bookstores sell a multitude of books with mutually contradictory stories about each ghost. It is perfectly safe to enter the building during the day, and in fact guided tours are available for 2 sp per person, but visitors are strongly warned not to take anything from the building, as this is one of the few known ways of getting the wrathful ghosts to leave the building in search of the offender.

It is said that the curse on the mansion will be broken if a "true heir to the line" stays in the building from dusk to dawn, and a few people who have fancied themselves to be a heir have tried that (especially since ownership of the mansion would fall to them by default). The luckier ones manage to flee during the night.

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