Ufalme wa Ukungu
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In the center of the Veldtland a vast plateau with a diameter of more than 200 miles rises above the savanna. This is Ufalme wa Ukungu, the Kingdom of the Mists. Unlike the dry regions surrounding it, it is near-constantly shrouded in fog as the clouds pass close to its surface or break on its mountains. This has made the realm exceptionally fertile, which evokes frequent jealousy among the dwellers on the far drier plains below - but as the cliffs rise at least 500 yards in all directions and all approaches are easily defended small footpaths, the kingdom cannot be attacked without the massive use of fliers or teleportation.

Unlike the nomadic herders of the plains, the people of the kingdom support themselves via agriculture, and their use of grains similar to those of far more northern climates hint of trade in earlier ages. The terrain of the plateau is very hilly, and most of the fields are constructed in the form of terraces to prevent erosion. At the center of the plateau is an ice-covered mountain range where, as the locals believe, the gods dwell.

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