Uluth's Herald
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A large rock with a length of approximately one hundred miles that is located at the point where the gravitational pull of Rothea and Uluth cancel each other out. It is called "Uluth's Herald" (or "The Herald") because it moves approximately four hours in advance of Uluth in the sky as seen from Rothea, in contrast to Uluth's Servant which trails Uluth. Some astronomers have reported seeing structures on the surface of these moonlets, pointing to inhabitants, but the truth behind this remains a mystery.

Adventure Ideas

  • Perhaps Uluth's Herald is an artificial structure with inhabitants of its own - this could make for a vast and very fascinating dungeon.

Designer's Notes & Resources

In case it needs to be mentioned, Uluth's Herald is located at the L4 Lagrange point of the Rothea-Uluth system.


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