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The dark elves have always been a tempting alternative to those common elves who were resentful of the blessings received by their sidhe lords. The Unseelie Court, they say, are willing to grant their powers to any elven children, irrespective of any allegedly "noble" lineage. Only a few elves were truly taken in by their words, however - until the Compact shattered.

Now the elves can see the disgraceful behavior of their sidhe lords during their moment of crisis. Some of them are willing to simply let another kingdom take over merely to maintain sidhe rule, while others descend to breeding with mere humans just to keep their houses alive - and then expect the resulting half-breeds to be accepted as rulers over pure-blooded elves. As a result, a shadowy network has sprung into existence, called the "Umbravel" by its members. They make sure that their own newborn receive the Blessing of the Dark, and plan for the day when the dark elves can take over Tuvareen entirely, making it the first surface kingdom ruled by them. Until then, they sacrifice any humans, half-elves, and even sidhe they can capture without drawing attention for the Blessing of the Dark rite.

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