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Keeper of Secrets, Guardian of the Black Ocean, Lord of the Wave

Live is a journey into the Unknown. Except for those who stay in the village they were born in in their whole life - and in these times of social upwheal, this is increasingly rare - most people will have to venture to new and (to them) unknown places, deal with unknown people, social customs, and possibly hostile surroundings. In these situations, many people pray to Ungol for succor and protection, for it is said that he will protect those in the grasp of the Unkown until they have reached a safe place, or until they have made their new surroundings safe and known.

Sailors have always understood this, as their long journeys often bring them to new and strange places where they have no one to rely on other than themselves and their prayers, and as a result there are large temples to Ungol in most port cities, and it is customary for them to make a donation before they embark on a new journey. But in these times where large numbers of people move to the cities in search of economic success, the Unknown can lurk everywhere - thanks to the increased alienation of the city dwellers from each other, the Unknown might begin only a few city blocks away - or even on a different floor of the same apartment building! To help themselves with their feelings of estrangement from their fellow humans, the urban masses turn to Ungol in ever greater numbers, and the faith grows.

The faith has also a growing number of adherents among the Astromantic Society and other explorers of the reaches of space - which they often call the "Black Ocean". While the younger explorers are often enthusiastic about visiting new and strange places, more experienced ones know of the dangers that lurk on and between distant worlds, and often find themselves praying to Ungol for deliverance. Furthermore, the faith has gained acceptance among arcane researchers, as well as scientists and engineers working on potentially dangerous research, as they try to ward of potentially negative outcomes of their work.

Those who call upon Ungol generally believe the following:

  • Life is a journey into the Unknown.
  • Refusal to walk into the Unknown is cowardice.
  • Confront all your fears and worries, and pray to Ungol for deliverance from them.

Ungol's symbol is a black wave.

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Reading through the entry again, it seems like Ungol has too much overlap with Bucatar and Hatramo. If anyone has any ideas on how to distinguish this faith more, please contact me.


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