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Population: 1,143,223

This city, more than any other in the Dominions, prides itself in the art of warfare. War is not just something where people attempt to hit each other with weapons - no, war is something where everyone attempts to be the most skilled, strong, enduring, cunning, and simply excelling in all things. Uzgog has several schools and academies teaching and training all aspects of fighting, from simple man-to-man melee fight to the clash of armies and all that needs to be known to lead those armies (such as logistics, siege weapons, combined arms tactics, and much more). Large-scale mock battles are often staged near, or even in the city.

The city is also famous for its annual "Uzgog Run", a free-for-all athletic competition where the contestants have to finish a grueling 40 mile run through a variety of inhospitable terrain, including some with hostile animals. The contestants may wear no armor and are only armed with a knife - which they may use to attack each other, though the smarter contestants know that the goal is to finish the race instead of fighting the competition, and that fights will only exhaust their strength for when it is needed later. Magic is forbidden during the race and any attempts to use it are grounds for disqualification and execution. The winner receives 10,000 gold pieces as a price. Non-hobgoblins who manage to finish the race will receive grudging respect from the inhabitants of Uzgog, though any non-hobgoblins who actually win the race (a rare but not unknown event) will be resented and many will assume that they have cheated somehow.

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