Valley of the Fog People
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This remote mountain valley is shrouded in mists every time night falls. One of the caves found in it has an extraordinary property: When someone stays in it for an entire night and meditates on the image of human, the mists will consolidate into an actual living human once dawn arrives. This being is in all ways a normal human, except that it is sterile, has some rudimentary knowledge of the world gained from the person who spent the night in the cave (enough to give it one class level), and that it has only a very rudimentary personality. It will "imprint" very rapidly on anything it is told during its first day, and this will form the core of its personality for the rest of its life.

A small tribe of these "fog people" lived in this valley in peaceful isolation for many generations until five years ago - when an explorer from the Parginian Rim discovered this valley and immediately hired a mercenary company to seize it. The original fog people have all been driven away or killed, and now wage a desperate guerrilla struggle against the occupiers to ensure their continued survival, while the mercenaries now use the cave for a highly specialized and extremely valuable sort of slave trade.

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