Valley of the Silent Wind
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This remote mountain valley is protected (or oppressed) by the Silent Wind, a mysterious entity that moves so fast that he cannot be clearly seen by human eyes. He seems to have his eyes and ears everywhere and prevents most crimes from occurring, but he tolerates no sound above that of a whisper apart from the moaning of the ubiquitous wind, and he will viciously attack anyone who breaks this taboo. Traders and visitors are tolerated as long as they adhere to this restriction.

The natives have adjusted to this and communicate via an elaborate sign language. They perform the few labors they cannot perform soundlessly (such as smithing) in underground shelters propped up with stone and cushioned with fur, so that no sounds will penetrate to the surface. This includes childbirth, and they cut the vocal chords of all infants shortly after birth - for not even children are exempt from the Silent Wind's wrath in case they cry.

Adventure Ideas

  • The PCs visit the valley at the same time an outsider woman is about to give birth. She doesn't want the child's vocal throat cut, but the natives insist on it before she leaves the underground shelter. The PCs are asked to protect the child and somehow get it out of the village without attracting the attention of the Silent Wind.

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