Valley Of The Sound
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This valley in the southern foothills of the Hamajan Mountains is known for its perfect echo - when standing at just the right position and using just the right frequencies, an echo will be produced which will still be audible for an hour or more before fading. This phenomenon has attracted a fair share of musicians and composers over the years, which is one of the few occasions for outsiders to come to this place.

One of these composers was Gregory Nikolayevich, the favorite composer of Boris III of Gorchov (now the Sunset Province). When that realm was occupied by the Tsan Empire, Nikolayevich fled here where he spent the last few years of his life creating a symphony which he called "The Transformation". In his notes, he claimed that if the symphony was performed with the right instruments and at the right locations in the Valley of the Sound, the world itself would be dissolved and reborn in a new, purer state.

In his exile, Nikolayevich lacked the resources to actually perform his symphony. After his death, his notes were taken by the locals and sold to traders. Eventually, a few of these pages made it into the hands of one Alexander Malich, a famous musician of Chanes (in the League of Armach), who became obsessed with performing the symphony. He began to obsessively collect Nikolayevich's notes and now owns most of them. He has begun construction efforts in the Valley of the Sound and is searching the surrounding regions for clues to the remaining notes so that he will finally be able to perform The Transformation.

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Like most of the really bizarre stuff in Urbis, this one is based on a real life story. Yes, there actually was a Russian composer who was working on a symphony that would end the world when it was performed - and it was supposed to be performed in the foothills of the Himalayas, too. How could I not use this?


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