Valley of the White Apes
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Hidden in the southern ranges of the Star Mountains is the Valley of the White Apes, a small civilization of intelligent, white-furred apes capable of communicating via telepathy. Unknown to even themselves, they are an offshoot of the surathi, which is the reason for their intelligence and psionic powers.

There has been contact between the valley and Dartmouth for some time, thanks to several expeditions sponsored by the city-state. Last year, the government of Dartmouth even invited an ambassador from the apes to the city, but unfortunately upon arrival he was killed by Jeremy Wade, a descendant of the discoverer of the valley. A new expedition is planned to reestablish diplomatic relations and make amends for the incident.

Adventure Ideas

Designer's Notes & Resources

It is up to the GM whether to portray the apes as noble beings or freaks of nature - certainly, both versions would have precedents.


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