Varnas Ardenes
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Many people - especially followers of Argannon - were surprised when Varnas Ardenes, the high priest of Argannon, ceded the position of War Leader to Lord Amrast so willingly. And in truth, he has his own designs on ruling the Alliance - but he also knows that if he had attempted to gain this position for himself, the resulting infighting would have critically weakened the Alliance until it would have become an easy picking for the League. Thus, to him Lord Amrast represented a good compromise candidate - someone with no ties to all the religious factions of the Alliance and thus somewhat acceptable to all of them, but also controversial enough that he would never be able to install true loyalty within them, and no subordinates within his own religion that would represent themselves as clear successors.

Currently, Varnas plans to wait until the war has broken out and gathered steam. He plans to put other priests of Argannon into the right positions of authority and win in critical battles so that overall support and respect for the leadership abilities of the Cult of Argannon continues to grow throughout the Alliance. Then, at a critical junction of the war, he plans to take out Lord Amrast permanently with the help of dark magics that will imprison his soul. At this point, he hopes, the Alliance will accept his leadership because no other credible candidates with proven leadership abilities will be available - and after he has lead the Alliance to victory, he will surely be able to establish the supremacy of his faith.

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