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Vartegos, the Devil Lord of slaughter, takes pleasure in and feeds on the emotions caused by indiscriminate killing. Not for him is the relatively calm atmosphere of a legally ordered execution or a death in a honorable duel between peers. Those give the dying too much recognition as individuals - to Vartegos, it matters not who the dying were, just how they die. And the best deaths to his mind are those which are shocking, cruel, and evoke fear and revulsion in others. His cultists hide among soldiers, mercenaries, and gladiators - many of those who can kill for a living find to him. The new, modern slaughterhouses in the great cities also call to him, and more than a few of the butchers working there do not just become desensitized to the slaughter of cattle and sheep, but revel in it and eventually progress to slaughtering humans. Furthermore, there are serial killers who consider their activities an act of worship, and some doctors who have seen life slip away under their hands too often become so fascinated with this process that they end up secretly causing it. Finally, wielders of arcane powers who invent ever-more-potent magics of destruction often invoke him for inspiration - and Vartegos gladly obliges them. His cult leaders teach that Vartegos shall rule Sheol once entire cities are decimated by arcane fire.

In cult texts, Vartegos is depicted as a four-armed giant with various implements of murder and slaughter in his hands (though never swords, as they kill too cleanly). Beyond these constants, his appearance varies - his avatars have included savage orc barbarians wielding axes and sophisticated urban doctors using scalpels and drills, and anything in between.

His servants include Devils of Wrath for those who seek out specific groups who have offended them for slaughter, Devils of Lust for those who feel a particularly erotic thrill when killing someone, and Devils of Gluttony for those who just want to kill more and more and more.

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