Vault of Ages
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Hidden below one of the mansions of the lower elevations of Münsterberg, the Vault of Ages is only known to members of the secretive race known as the nephilim. The owner, who is called Karl Geisen in his current incarnation, is trying to compile a history of the nephilim and in his younger days traveled the world to find and interview other members of his race about their present and past lives, but now that his body is aging he waits in his home for nephilim visitors to come to him. These testimonials, together with other historical documents that hint at nephilim activities, are stored in the expansive vaults below his basement. Geisen believes that by studying these accounts it may be possible to learn more about the mysterious killer that stalks his race, and as he is aware that such knowledge might make him a target for that killer, his mansion is well-defended by traps.

As his current life span is nearing its end, Geisen is now looking for another nephilim to take over the mansion while he reincarnates and grows up until he remembers enough to attend to this project once more.

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