Vaults of Repose
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When Negroth the Doombringer was defeated, his occupation forces in the Flannish Cities collapsed more readily than most people had anticipated. Certainly, no small amount of this can be attributed to former subordinates falling out and trying to carve their own kingdoms, but in the end it appeared that the Negroth's troops in the region were nowhere strong enough to quell the all-out rebellion that followed the news of his death. Which was curious, as his forces had certainly been numerous enough to overrun all defenders during the conquest of the region. Popular explanations include that Negroth sent much of his forces to other fronts, such as against Gol Grungor and the Hobgoblin Dominions, or that they attempted to invade Avareen and were slaughtered to the last orc, or that his forces had never been that numerous in the first place and that he could only have won through treachery among the nobles who fought him.

But recently, agents of the Amt für Innere Sicherheit stumbled across the truth when they discovered a vast cave complex in the mountains north of Nimdenthal where they discovered thousands and thousands of orcs, fully armed and armored - and stacked in a state of magical suspended animation which protects them from the ravages of time (and from being stacked atop each other like sacks of grain, for that matter). By the estimation of the Amt, there could be as many as one hundred thousand orcish warriors in those caves. A few orcs have been carefully removed, revived, and interrogated. The orcs examined so far seem to be loyal to Negroth and disbelieving regarding his alleged death, which leaves the Amt unsure how to proceed with their find - it is possible that the orcs could be useful in a military conflict against a neighboring city such as Zuidenstadt, but they could also pose an equally large threat to Nimdenthal itself if they were to be revived all at once. For the time being, the Amt plans to proceed very carefully and keep knowledge of the vaults to a very small circle even within the Amt.

Unfortunately for them, their secrecy has been compromised. The Triumvirate, which consists of former Lieutenants of Negroth who have been searching for the vaults for centuries to further their own plans, have learned of the discovery by one of their own agents - but not yet where the vaults are precisely located. Ideally, they would want to find the location and then either dispose of everyone within the Amt who knows about it or take over the Amt entirely. As the Amt has considerable resources of its own, a struggle between the two groups would be fierce and likely cause major bloodshed within the city unless the Triumvirate manages to maintain the element of surprise.

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