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To the south of the Star Mountains, the mountains gradually make way to a verdant jungle, which in turn give way to still fertile scrublands. This is the Veldtland, and here numerous tribes and civilizations of black-skinned human natives live in a strange kind of symbiosis with giants.

Each tribe or large settlement has its own giant protector or champion. Sometimes (especially in the case of the more powerful and intelligent giants), the giant is the actual ruler, but usually he obeys the wishes of the elders of the settlement (though his opinion is ignored at their own risk). In case of conflicts between the tribes, the conflict is usually resolved through a duel between the giant champion of the tribe (which is only to the death in the most griveous of disputes). In times of war, the giant of a tribe fights at the forefront of the army. Alliances between tribes are often cemented by a wedding between the giants of the two tribes if the giants are of different genders (and the wedding contract usually states which tribe gets the children from the union—which can be bartered to other tribes for other concessions). The giants are generally content with this arrangement since this is a good way of getting a stable food supply—which would otherwise be exceedingly difficult for beings their size.

The Flannish Cities of Rondhaven and Torburg founded a joint colony at the southernmost tip of the Veldtland, which they called Hope Town. But when the two cities went to war fourty years ago, the colony likewise split. Dartmouth was able to gain the rights to the colony by agreeing to join the war on the side of Rondhaven and then forcing Torburg to go along with this when the city sued for peace, and now runs it as a part of its protectorate. Many of the original settlers are resentful of this and fled to the interior of the Veldtland, where they are currently trying to establish their own nation.

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The local equivalent of Southern Africa (with an equivalent of Cape Town as well), complete with Boers.


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