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Population: 13,314

This town near Sirenzo was founded two decades ago by one Agnomo Elvilla, a rich heir from an old patrician family. In his youth, he was a wastrel and seemingly without a purpose in life, preferring to spend his inheritance on entertainments and travels. But this changed when he returned from one journey and claimed that he received telepathic messages from beings he called the "Ancients". Dismissed by most as a crackpot, he soon started acquiring followers and founded this commune where the members of this cult - which he labeled "Oruniacur" - could live according to his teachings.

The town supports itself through agricultural exports, as well donations from rich members from all across the Parginian Rim. Visitors who aren't cult members are rarely admitted, and even when they are admitted they are always accompanied by at least one "guide". As a result, rumors about what really happens in this commune are rife.

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