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Simply known as "The Black Dragon" to most people in Dartmouth, Venthirax is the city's most prominent draconic inhabitant - and possibly its only one, since he regards Dartmouth as his territory and takes a dim view of other dragons overstaying their welcome.

There are no clear reports just where Venthirax came from originally. Some rumors and apocryphal tales claim that he worked with the armies of Negroth the Doombringer, but there also seem to be accounts of him preying on stragglers of Negroth's army in the Siebenbund, even shortly before Negroth's demise - and some sightings of Venthirax were close to the Hollerpass, leading to speculations that he was involved in Negroth's fall somehow.

Venthirax settled in Dartmouth during the Liberation War and lived here ever since. The local authorities grudgingly accept him as a citizen because as far as anyone can prove (in court, at least) he has never broken a law, and because he has helped out the city from time to time in military conflicts. He doesn't take orders from government or military authorities, and he never has exposed himself to serious risks, but his appearance has been the deciding factor in a number of engagements, and this helps to maintain the tolerance that the other citizens of Dartmouth are willing to extend towards him.

It is known that he owns a number of businesses from behind the scenes, which contribute to his vast wealth. Few know what his ultimate plans are, though speculation is rampant in the press. Since he is known to grant interviews to the newspapers from time to time (which invariably increase the sales of the issue significantly), most newspapers aren't willing to attack him too wildly or give credence to the most slanderous claims about him - such as the rumor that he is occasionally snacking on the residents of Gelberth (where he has been sighted often enough that many believe he has a secondary lair there, in addition to the Terrarium in Duriam).

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Originally, Venthirax was a brass dragon. Then they were removed from the D&D 4E Monster Manual and the SRD, and so I rewrote him.


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