Virdan's Folly
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Population: 55,213

The oldest and largest of the settlements protected by stone domes, Virdan's Folly was named after the wizard who started it and was not expected to survive as long as it did - but still, it stands. Since magic is so important for its maintenance and expansion, it houses a small but renowned school of ritual magic, specializing in magically created buildings and magic-assisted agriculture and life support - a necessity, given that the city is often cut off from the outside world for long times.

As of late, the city has been eclipsed by Judianc, which can expand faster thanks to the fact that it can support open air buildings instead of requiring expensive stone domes. Now the city's wizards are seeking possibilities that will give them a much-needed economic boost. They have been digging into subterranean cave systems in the hopes of finding a new and safe trade route. Unknown to them, they are coming close to dark elf territory, who will react with violence to such an intrusion into their territory.

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