Vortex Basin
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When a lost expedition stumbled across this depression deep in the interior of the Far Coast several years ago, they attempted to reach the coastline by following the currents of a large, meandering river flowing through it. Only after weeks of travel and the loss of several additional expedition members did they realize the truth - not only does the river fail to flow into any ocean, but it actually moves in a counter-clockwise circuit, causing the explorers to return to their starting point!

When the survivors finally returned to civilization, they dubbed this region the Vortex Basin. Since then, two further expeditions have ventured there to discover both the source of this unique phenomenon and the destination of the excess water that should accumulate here - for the humidity of the region seems to be too high for evaporation completely compensating for the precipitation, and without any outflow the basin should have become an enormous lake. Neither of the expeditions have found what they were searching for, though they both uncovered further mysteries riddling this region.

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