Vritjen Estate
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While Rutger Vritjen, the richest man of Rondhaven, spends a lot of time within the city to manage his many business affairs, he frequently retires to his private estate outside the city limits, which has become legendary for its splendor, though few people have ever attained an invitation (a sure sign that they are very important people indeed).

Located only a short distance from the dikes, the estate encompasses approximately 20 square miles and is the result of the best landscaping efforts that money could buy. All the hills, canals, and small forests are arranged perfectly to please the eye. The whole estate is a massive garden, and bound spirits keep vast beds of flowers blooming even in the coldest winter. And in the middle of the domain, floating above a small artificial lake, is the private mansion of Vritjen, a massive complex as exquisitely built as anything else within the estate. Visitors and supplies arrive via small boats which will levitate up to a small pier upon approaching the mansion, and go back down to the water level upon leaving.

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Inspired by The Domain of Arnheim by Edgar Allan Poe, whose imagery was just too cool not to use.


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