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Wealdston is home to the Wealdman and Son's Lumber Collection Company and its employees. One of the worst examples of a company that takes advantage of its employees, the Wealdman and Son's Lumber Collection Company owns the taverns, brothel, and general store that keep the employees running. The wages are carefully calculated to be just above the cost of living so employees in this town end up spending just a small amount more than they make on pleasurable company and booze, leaving them just indebted enough for the owners to bail their employees out and look like "the good guys."

The brothel employees vary from near slaves to willing participants looking for easy money. Eventually, however, all the prostitutes end up indebted to the company or as wives of company men.

This poor treatment has lead to headhunters from other lumber companies known as "skimmers" to gain employment here and hire the best employees out from under the noses of the W&S management. W&S has countered this practice by offering a large bounty for anyone who turns in a skimmer and a few of them have been discovered and put to death since. Ironically, if not expectedly, these rewarded employees end up spending their money in company stores and end up back in the debt of the company.

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