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Named after an old weigh house, this district has of late become a haven for immigrants and refugees. The latest wave of immigrants and now the largest faction within the district are refugees from Santisukh, a kingdom to the far east which traded heavily with Rondhaven which has recently been overrun by the insect people of Chakata. Many of the inhabitants were able to flee, including several members of the royal family. The eldest prince claims the throne of the nation in exile and tries to find enough support and resources to retake his kingdom while he maintains what is left of his court within the district, while large numbers of his countrymen are scattered among the colonies of Rondhaven. They are pressured into giving large portions of their incomes for the cause, and shamed if they refuse. But while the government of Rondhaven is not unsympathetic, they are not willing to commit the resources of their city (however rich it may be) for the liberation of a far-away kingdom.

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If I get around to detailing Santisukh and its culture, it will probably be inspired by Thailand and surrounding areas. The Weegschaal building is based on the Waag in Amsterdam.


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