Western Network
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The largest and oldest of all railroad networks, the Western Network covers the Flannish Cities, the Siebenbund, the Parginian Rim, Thenares and the Alliance of the Pantheon (although there is no direct rail connection between the latter two thanks to historical and mutual animosity - anyone wishing to travel from one to the other via rail has to go via the Parginian Rim). Efforts are currently being made to expand to the south along the coast of Malundi, and to the north through the Norfjell Wastes (hopefully eventually reaching Gol Grungor and the Lands of the Dead). Finally, a major spur is built through the Grand Road a subterranean tunnel starting at the Parginian city of Alassia, with the intention of reaching Gol Murak, the Desert of Thunder, and finally the Eastern Network at the Verdant Coast.

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