White Surathi
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When the human-animal hybrids among the surathi purged the Snake Kingdoms of the non-hybrids during the War of the Snake, the few survivors among the latter fled to the most remote corners of the world. The Hamajan Mountains certainly qualified as "remote", and thus several large groups settled in remote valleys where they remain to this day.

These "White Surathi", as they called themselves (not for the color of their skin - even after centuries of interbreeding, their skin color is still noticeably darker than that of most other natives - but for the whiteness of the snow of their mountain homes) desire to be left alone first and foremost. As long as they stay isolated from the rest of the world, they believe, the hybrid surathi won't find them and attempt to kill them - or worse, force them to become monstrosities like they are. Individual members of their settlements are strongly discouraged from venturing far from their homes, let alone out of the Hamajan Mountains, and their psionic powers are only practiced in front of outsiders under the most dire circumstances.

The only permitted way for a White Surat to leave his community is to join a celibate monastic order, where he might be able to see the wider world - but also learn prudence and discipline which supposedly will prevent him from revealing any secrets of the surathi. However, sometimes "accidents" happen in the form of children born outside of White Surathi villages with psionic powers. The Surathi either try to adopt these children or convince the relatives to send it to a monastery (often this process is aided by handing out gifts or using subtle psionic powers).

But given the general isolation of the Hamajan Mountains, sometimes such lost bloodlines are only discovered after two or more generations have passed. In these cases, the White Surathi try hard to convince the entire extended family to resettle to one of their communities - or in some cases some White Surathi arrive in such communities to effectively take it over and import their own culture.

If none of these things work - well, the mountains are vast, and most villages are far away from each other. Thus, it is not surprising if a particular community is buried by an avalanche, decimated by an apparent disease, or wiped out by strange monsters coming down from the eternal glaciers.

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